Línea ÉticaLínea Ética

¿What is the Ethics Hotline?

It is a communication mechanism in which employees, suppliers, customers and other publics in general, can report activities or behavior considered as contrary to the law or to the interests of Grupo Nutresa and its companies.

Operates independently, guaranteeing the confidentiality and anonymity of the reporter.

You can contact


National toll-free number


From Medellín, you can call



The report is voluntary, anonymous and confidential.

¿What situations can be reported by the Ethics Hotline?

Participation in activities, business or operations
contrary to the law.

Notification of suspicious activities of money laundering, drug trafficking or any illicit act.

Misuse of confidential information.

Situations of disloyalty with the Organization.

Appropriation or misuse of the company’s assets.

Falsification of contracts, reports or records.

Commercial practices against the interests of the Company.

Conflict of interest situations.

Abuse of the conditions of administrator, officer or collaborator of the Company for their own benefit.

Accept gifts, favors, invitations, trips, payments and general perks that can influence their business decisions and operations, for direct or indirect benefit of the person who grants it.