Scope of Our Integrated Management System Scope of Our Integrated Management System

It is divided into three parts, taking into account the analysis of the Organizations context and stakeholders:




Policy of the Integrated Management SystemPolicy of the Integrated Management System

In Servicios Nutresa, we are committed to the satisfaction of our clients, employees and stakeholders. For this reason, we implemented an Integrated Management System that allows us to consolidate as a shared-services company, which – through business-support processes – generated value for Grupo Nutresa companies.

This is the framework of action that inspires us to:

Satisfy our clients and stakeholders with high perceived-value services and quality processes aimed at continuous improvement.
Promote a culture to prevent and control injuries and illnesses, related to the safety and health of employees, contractors, suppliers and clients who visit our headquarters, providing a better work environment.
Manage the Company’s threats and environmental opportunities, generated in the life cycle of our services, through the appropriate use of resources.
Promote the balance among the personal, family and work life of our employees and their families.
Propitiate a culture of promotion and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, with the purpose of favoring the improvement of the quality of life of our employees through healthy eating strategies, physical activity and smoke-free environments.
Promote practices that favor gender diversity and equity, identifying and meeting the needs of both men and women, in an inclusive, non-sexist environment of respect, free of sexual and labor harassment.
Motivate integral performance that generates trust, comprehensively managing risks and ensuring ethical, transparent, legal and safe processes.

In this way, we contribute to the integral development of stakeholders: employees, consumers, shareholders, third parties, clients, suppliers, the community and State, while generating economic growth, social development and environmental balance, which guarantee the future sustainability of the business. All our actions are framed within the fulfillment of the applicable legislation.

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